Septic Dye Test

MHI uses a non-toxic, liquid powder tracing dye to determine where the wastewater from a home is going. The dye travels through the system and shows up a bright fluorescent green if it is discharged to a stream, ditch or surface of the ground. Dye testing can also verify if household appliances and laundry facilities are connected to the system and can confirm if two homes are connected to a single system. Dye testing is not always conducted to prove that a system is failing; it is often used to prove that a system is not failing, so the system in question can be eliminated as one of the sources of sewage on the surface of the ground. Dye testing is really about gathering information.

Septic Dye Testing

A septic dye test is used to check the condition of your septic system. Your septic system should be inspected every three years.

The septic system is one of the most expensive components of the average home, and it is often the most difficult to replace.

If the house you are considering has a septic system, there is one more very important step you must take: get a Septic Dye Test.