Water Testing

MHI performs water testing to look for contaminants in the water supply. We test for levels and imbalances such as:

  • dangerous levels of bacteria, including e-coli and coliform
  • elevated levels of nitrates and Nitrites from fertilizers that leak into the ground water
  • imbalances in pH levels. He also checks for fluoride levels
  • mineral contaminents, including iron and arsenic
  • Heavy metals, including copper and lead, and much more!

No natural water source is completely clean. Contaminants and pathogens must be monitored. Water system plants test water. However, these safeguards can and do fail. Your home inspector should check for material defects in the house to make sure it is safe for the inhabitants. Adding water quality tests to your home inspection is an additional safety measure you can take to protect your investment.

Don’t hesitate! Find out if your water is safe and free from bacteria through our water quality testing service.